Today we welcomed the NY state senator Honorable Mr. Kevin Thomas. We discussed various issues especially about the Afghan community in NY and the challenges and opportunities that they have. The Afghanistan Consulate General in NY appreciate from senator because of his supporting and helping the Afghan community.

The Afghanistan Consulate General in New York hosted a reception for the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs of Afghanistan, Mr. Bashir Ahmad Tahyanj, and his accompanying delegation.
The Afghan Consul General in New York, mentioned some institutions and associations that work to help orphanages in support of children and women, and to create job opportunities in Afghanistan; coordination and the direct connection of these institutions with the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs will be more effective.
The Minister of Labor and Social Affairs of Afghanistan described unemployment and poverty as one of the major challenges of Afghanistan, and asked the businessmen and civil society to reach out and to cooperate with their compatriots inside Afghanistan in any way they can. Also, they were asked to contact and coordinate with major US institutions, draw their attention to assist in the above-mentioned areas within Afghanistan.
The Minister of Labor and Social Affairs thanked for the opportunity to all present members of Afghan civil society and businessmen living in New York.

The second Afghan rugs exhibition opened in New York City. The exhibition, which will be open for four days, features Afghan clothes and Afghan-made jewelry in addition to rugs and carpets. 
The Consul General of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in New York considered the opening of this exhibition important and fundamental for the growth of the carpet industry in Afghanistan. He also reminded the audience that the growth of this industry is the result of the efforts of Afghan women who have introduced the history, art, culture, and talent of the nation to the world through their carpet weaving skills. 
Participants of and sellers in the exhibition called for the continuation of such forums to further develop the carpet industry for a US audience.
It is noteworthy that the second Afghan Carpet Exhibition was held in New York with USAID funding and with the cooperation and coordination of the Kabul Carpet Export Center (KCEC) Foundation, the Consulate General of Afghanistan in New York, and the Afghan American Chamber of Commerce (AACC).



The Consulate General of Afghanistan in NY, the Afghan American Chamber of Commerce (AACC), and the Afghan American Trade Company hosted a meeting that discussed the investment opportunities in Afghanistan.
In this meeting the Consul General of Afghanistan Mr. Sajad stated that the purpose of the meeting is to establish a connection and coordination between the Afghan – American business owners and the (AACC).
In the second part of this meeting, Mr. Jeffrey J. Grieco President & Chief Executive Officer of AACC, whom was the keynote speaker, explained the opportunities of investments in Afghanistan. He also showed commitment of AACC on helping and supporting of the business owners, who showed interest on investing in Afghanistan, and creating opportunity for Afghan products in the United States.
Also, they discussed how the advice of Afghan- American business owners will be used to improve investment in Afghanistan.



Returning to New York over Memorial Day

See and Buy Beautiful Afghan Rugs.

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*** All New York City Covid-19 protocols will be observed ***


The Afghan Artisan Rug Pop-up supports the mission of USAID

to help provide jobs and create stability for artisans in Afghanistan.

Choose from the highest quality hand-knotted rugs in a wide range of

colors sizes and designs. You can buy these rugs at very low prices

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The Afghan Artisan Rug Pop-up is produced by the Kabul Carpet Export Center. KCEC is a project of USAID, created to support the women weavers in Afghanistan who wove the carpets featured at this event. KCEC is organized with the support of USAID, the United States

Agency for International Development, which is funded through the generous support of the

American people. The Afghan American Chamber of Commerce (AACC) is the leading organization facilitating U.S.-Afghanistan business, investment, and trade ties through its Matchmaking Conferences and related activities. The Consulate General of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan delivers consulate services and supports the rights of Afghans living in the USA.


The Consulate General of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in New York hosted an online discussion about holding an exhibition of Afghan products and looking for ways to grow Saffron investment, production, and sales as well as other products.
The online meeting which was attended by USAID Administrative Deputy and his colleagues discussed the growth and introduction of Afghan Saffron in the United States. As a result of this meeting, everyone involved, expressed their views to pave the way for holding programs to introduce Afghan products.

Mr. Zelgai Sajad the Consul General of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in New York met with Mr. Reyhan Özgür the Consul General of Republic of Turkey.
In this meeting they discussed the establishment of 100-year diplomatic relations between the two friendly countries and the initiation of cultural relations and the holding of various occasions between Afghans and Turks living in New York.

The Consul General Mr. Sajad, virtually met with Ms. Wazma Wardak Hassan, one of the board members of the (Afghan Americans of New York).
In this meeting, Ms. Wazma stated that they are establishing an institution that will help disadvantaged Afghans living in New York. They also would like to participate in many Afghan cultural events in the future.
Mr. Sajad welcomed the establishment of such an institution and assured the assistance of the Afghan Consulate General in coordination with other organizations and charities that assist Afghans living in New York

in collaboration with the office of “Women for Afghan Women” with the presence of Ms. Roya Rahmani Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Washington DC as the keynote speaker, discussed the importance of the Afghan-American women role in on going Peace Negotiations.

The Afghan government’s continued efforts in commitment to supporting the role and position of women in Peace Negotiations.

The Participants praised the achievements of Afghan women in Peace Negotiations in various fields and stressed this progressive trend must be maintained.

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