Welcome to the passport information page. The passport section of the Consulate General of Afghanistan in New York provides passport services to citizens of Afghanistan for international travel. 
On this page you will find information about machine-readable passport requirements and passport application forms. We encourage you to look over the directions, complete the form with the correct information, and return it to the Consulate General with the required documents. 
Please note that presence of all passport applicants at the Consulate General of Afghanistan in New York is mandatory for biometric enrolment and other processing procedures. 
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our passport section during working hours:

Our office hours are Monday to Friday from 09:00 am to 3:00 pm
Phone: 212 972 2276, 212 972 2277
Ext. 458 or 457
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


  • APPOINTMENTS: Applicants MUST book an appointment online prior to coming to the Consulate General. Clients with no prior appointment will not be serviced. For booking an appointment please click on this link.
  • VISIT IN PERSON: An applicant MUST visit the Consulate General in-person on the date and time of their appointment. Applications sent to the Consulate General via post and/or applications in the absence of the applicant will NOT be processed.
  • APPLICATION: An application must be filled carefully in BLOCK letters in English and Dari/Pashto for each applicant, with special attention to name and surname’s spelling, date of birth (Day/Month/Year), height, occupation and other specifics and accurate current address in New York . Application forms can be downloaded here.
  • PASSPORT FEE: The fee for the passport for 5 years is U$ 120.00 and for 10 years it is 220 which should be in the form of money order payable to the Consulate General of Afghanistan in New York. Please submit one money order per applicant.
    Please do not submit one money order for more than one applicant.
    The fee for the lost passport is U$ 240.00 which should be in the form of money order payable to the Consulate General of Afghanistan in New York. 
    If your old passport is expired, the following penalty fees are applicable:  
     U$5.00 for 1-3 months past validity date on passport 
     U$10.00 for 4-6 months past validity date on passport 
     U$15.00 for 7-9 months past validity date on passport  
     U$20.00 for 10-12 months past validity date on passport  
    Please note that if the passport is expired more than one year, the penalty fee will be calculated based on U$ 5:00 for each three-months.
  •  The Consulate General does NOT accept cash under any circumstances.
  • TAZKIRA (AFGHAN NATIONAL ID): Applicants must provide their original Tazkira to the Consulate General along with the application. If the applicant’s Tazkira is not verified by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a copy of it will be sent to the Ministry of interior Affairs (MoIA) in Afghanistan for verification. A new machine-readable passport will only be issued once the Tazkira is verified by MoIA. All applicants who do not possess verified Tazkiras should apply for Absentee Tazkira (Please refer to relevant section for further information on Absentee Tazkiras). Starting from solar year 1396, Tazkiras issued in absence of the person which are not processed through the General Consulate, are not valid.
  • PHOTOS: 2 passport size (2x2 inch) recent photographs with a white background is required for an application.
  • OLD HAND-WRITTEN PASSPORT: The applicant must return his/her old and/or expired hand-written passport(s) to the Consulate General upon lodging the application, if available.
  • CHILDREN: If a child was born in United States of America and would like to apply for an Afghan passport, his/her parents, must provide:
    a) Tazkira of the parents, either original or copy. The above procedure on Tazkira will apply.
    b) Child’s Birth Certificate must be presented to the Consulate General along with the application.The Certificate must contain the names of both father and mother of the child.
    c) Marriage Certificate of the parents must be presented to the Consulate General along with the application.
  • OTHER DOCUMENTS: Afghan nationals with dual nationality are required to provide a copy of their secondary passport. If you are a US alien resident, please provide documents indicating your residence in the US (copy of your Green Card). Proof of address (copy of your driver license, utility bill or other document)
    please include a prepaid, self-addressed return envelope, large enough for the return of your passport and documents. You may use certified or registered mail, or any other traceable mailing service or courier to ensure safety of your passport.
  • APPLYING BY MAIL: If you are applying by mail, a notarized application is required for those who mail their documents it is mandatory to include a fingerprint card for each applicant older than 7 years old if applicant is not able to come for bio-metric Enrollment.   
  • EXPRESS/REGISTERED SELF-ADDRESSED RETURN ENVELOPE: The applicants are required to provide an Express/Registered self-addressed envelope. Consulate General will use the Express/Registered envelope to send your NEW passport to the designated address provided on the envelope. Please note that all other types of envelopes will not be accepted. The applicants are also required to note the “Tracking number” of the Express Post to enable them to track their post.
    All packages/envelops will be dropped to the postal service boxes, if the package is not appearing in postal service for tracking or the package is lost the Consulate is not responsible, the Consulate does not have any access to postal services system to update or find packages. 


  • Applicants are encouraged to apply directly to the Consulate General, applications submitted to the General Consulate by travel agencies will not be processed and will be returned to the applicant. 
  • Ensure you write your full name in Dari/Pashto on the application.


If you have read the information given above and are ready to apply, please download a passport form, if you are applying in with family, please book separate online appointments!