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The Consulate General the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is not the authority to issue Tazkira (Afghan National ID). Only, a portion of the process for obtaining a Tazkira in absence of the person can be initiated through this Consulate General.
An Afghan national, who wishes to obtain a Tazkira, can initiate the process through the Consulate General on the basis of Tazkira of one of his/ her paternal relatives (father, grandfather, siblings, uncles, aunts and paternal cousins). Applicants must be able to mandate a family member/friend in Kabul to follow-up the work on his/her behalf.

Now you can get all the services in the ID section online:

  1. New Tazkira
  2. Obtaining a replacement of lost or stolen
  3. Adding Surname
  4. Renewing or Attaching Photo
  5. Name Correction
  6. Age Correction
  7. Tazkira Verification
  8. Place of Birth Correction

After the process of completing your documents in in Afghanistan, you can receive a new Tazkira from this Consulate.

How to Apply Guide in Dari:  Click here 

How to Apply Guide in Pashtu: Click here

If you still need help please contact the Legal Section 

Phone Line are active from 09:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m (EST)

All the applicants shall carefully read the following instructions and information and apply accordingly:

  • 1. Appointment: Applicants MUST book an appointment online prior to coming to the Consulate General. Clients with no prior appointment will not be serviced. For booking an appointment please click on this link. 
  • 2. Visit In-person: An applicant MUST visit the Consulate General in-person on the date and time of his/her confirmed appointment and have the required documents ready.
  • 3. Required Documents:
    a) Application Form. The applicant needs to fill an application form available here. The name and contact number of a representative or relative MUST be in the application, who will, on behalf of the applicant, follow up the process with the Afghanistan Central Civil Registration Authority (ACCRA) in Afghanistan.
    b) Tazkira of Paternal Relatives. The applicant should provide a copy of one of his/ her paternal relatives’ Tazkira (father, grandfather, siblings, uncles, aunts, or cousins).
    c) Photographs. Six recent photographs (2 photos for the use of the Consulate General and 4 to be sent with the package to Kabul) with a white background (size: 4x4.5 cm).
    D) Copy of US Residence Permit
    E) Identity verification form: this will be filled by the Consular Staff, and it is the responsibility of the applicant to make sure all filled information is accurate before putting their thumbprint as they can’t be modified later.
     F) Paid return Envelope. 
  • 4. Fee: The Consulate General charges 10.USD for this service. This fee can be paid by money order to Post-Finance account . Please note that the Consulate General does not accept cash.
  • 5. Procedure: An interview is conducted with the applicant on the date and time of the appointment and the completed and duly signed form is submitted at the Consulate General, a document package will be prepared by the Consulate General. An official letter from the Consulate General, addressed to ACCRA, will be included in the package. The Consulate General will send the scanned copies of the document package to ACCRA. The original package will be sent to the applicant’s address using the return envelope provided by him/her. The applicant should send the original package to her/his representative or relative in Afghanistan, whose details are included in the application form, for further assessment and processing. After this, the file is closed at the Consulate General and requires NO further follow up.
    If the applicant fulfills all the requirements and is deemed entitled for a Tazkira by ACCRA, he/she will be issued an Afghan Tazkira in absentia by ACCRA. Applicant’s representative or relative, mentioned in the application form, can collect the original Tazkira from ACCRA, Afghanistan (NOT from the Consulate General). Once the Tazkira is issued, the ACCRA will hand and issuance letter to the applicant and send a copy to the Consulate General, this document is necessary to be presented to the Consulate General whenever the holder needs further services from the Consulate General based on the obtained Tazkira. 
  • Please note that this process requires a long waiting period and depends on the follow up of the applicant’s representative or relative with the ACCRA. The Consulate General has no control and influence on the process within ACCRA.
    Please make sure to have a copy of all required documents with you, as the Consulate General can not provide print/copying facilities for the applicants.


If you have read the information given above and are ready to apply, please download a Absentee Tazkira application form and book an online appointment, please note that if you are applying family, you need to book separate appointments for each application