The second Afghan rugs exhibition opened in New York City

The second Afghan rugs exhibition opened in New York City. The exhibition, which will be open for four days, features Afghan clothes and Afghan-made jewelry in addition to rugs and carpets. 
The Consul General of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in New York considered the opening of this exhibition important and fundamental for the growth of the carpet industry in Afghanistan. He also reminded the audience that the growth of this industry is the result of the efforts of Afghan women who have introduced the history, art, culture, and talent of the nation to the world through their carpet weaving skills. 
Participants of and sellers in the exhibition called for the continuation of such forums to further develop the carpet industry for a US audience.
It is noteworthy that the second Afghan Carpet Exhibition was held in New York with USAID funding and with the cooperation and coordination of the Kabul Carpet Export Center (KCEC) Foundation, the Consulate General of Afghanistan in New York, and the Afghan American Chamber of Commerce (AACC).



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